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Perfect Destination for
Your Next Screen production

Galle remains a great place to shoot your next screen production with plenty of amazing locations, production-ready facilities and perfect summer weather all year round.

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Unique culture and tradition

Galle is Sri Lanka’s oldest city, a conglomeration of the ancient European and Arabian culture. The city of Galle is without a doubt a fascinating blend of cultures with broad cultural diversity that may be very beneficial for your production.

Safety and Comfort

Sri Lanka is a safe country to visit, work, and have a good filming experience. The country maintains very strong security rules and places a great priority on hygiene and health, creating a crime-free environment that gives you peace of mind and aids the film production.

Facilities & Vendors

Galle has the infrastructure for production, including access to quality spaces and industry equipment suppliers. We will ensure that everything from the planning, facilities, transportation, equipment, and personnel is put to use effectively.

Year-round tropical climate

The city enjoys a tropical rainforest climate with a certain amount of rainfall monthly. The weather is simply perfect for all-year filming, there is the tropical sun that lights up the blue skies and mild temperature that range from 270C to 320C.

Union Quotas

there are no union quotas in Sri Lanka. Producers are free to shoot with their crew or hire local people on negotiable rates.


Galle is easy to access, it boasts of an excellent road network. The city is linked to the capital, Colombo via the highway and is only a one hour drive.

World - class accommodation

Galle is not just a Heritage Site that welcomes millions of visitors every season. It also boasts of the most luxurious yet affordable hotels that ensure visitors receive the warmest welcome. From the highly-rated Galle Fort Hotel to the popular Bartizan Galle Fort, your crew and cast will be able to rest properly after long hours of shooting.

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